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    I know usually when you would think of Windows you would think of Windows 7, or Windows 8. (At least I do XD ) Then remember how bad Windows 8 is and how good Windows 7 is. But the Windows Phone uses Windows 8 (Updated to 8.1 recently) and uses the simplicity of the hub screen on the Windows 8 computers. Honestly, in my opinion after getting a Nokia Lumia 520 I have to say this phone is honestly a good recommendation if you like Windows 8's simplicity (Around $120 for the Lumia 520 I believe, also before taxes. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on the price--I'll correct it if I'm wrong in an edit). In my personal opinion I believe the Windows Phone is underrated when it comes to iPhone, Samsung, and even Sony's Xperia phone. I ain't saying none of them are bad, and each phone is going to have their pros and cons. But I believe that the Windows Phone definitely deserves to get put on the list of good phones. Here is the review for one of the newest models of the Windows Phone, called the Nokia Lumia 830!

    (Video is made on October 4th, 2014 by Clinton Jeff. Enjoy!)

    (If video doesn't show up here is the link here )

    Also if you got a question about the phone about the gaming app store or features of the camera, you can ask me privately (on Steam or through a conversation/message here) or just ask in the topic. Just if you can't find any answers to the questions that you got about what the phone has or how it works :3 Since I got the phone I want to try to actually help you with questions XD
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