Who are your favorite streamers/YouTubers?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Link, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Link

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    I thought it would be interesting to see who our members find entertaining :P My personal favorite streamer is Dan *Link to Dans stream*

    I like him because most YT/streaming personalities are annoying af in my opinion :P (I seriously cannot watch people like Markiplier for more than 30 seconds) but Dan is very chill and only talks when he has something to say (or to throw out a string of puns) instead of shouting constantly. With his stream you can actually enjoy the gameplay instead of just being yelled at constantly or having to listen to a bunch of rambling and nonsense :P
  2. Syreious

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    Markiplier... WARFSTACHE FTW!! (I can tolerate his... annoyingness? :3 )

    Besides that I like TheRadBrad, he's kinda like Dan in ways--Like if TheRadBrad was to play Outlast (in which he has) he would just be a little quiet and speak his thoughts like "I need to find that key... I think it was in the office room--I need to find the vent to get back there..." (If he had to find a key to get into a room to progress :P )
    Also TheRadBrad shuts up during cutscenes or when a story is being explained in gameplay so that's a bonus XD
  3. Modernwarguy111

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    I like NerdCubed hes funny British and cool he has a funny theme end song and is just generally funny he says the wierdest things though :D he plays games sometimes with his dad "Father and Son-days". He also is starting Demma plays while he does some reviews of games which are quite funny. he also does NerdCubed Hell which is where he plays the most horrible games and if they somehow redeem themselfs he renames the episode but none have so far. He also does a segment called Nerd Cubed FW FW=basically anything he wants to play.
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