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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by c_t_f, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. c_t_f

    c_t_f Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    Hello, friends! Things have been a bit quiet lately, so I figured that instead of trying to start a topic about one specific game, we could have a thread about random games we're playing and then branch off from there. Just post about whatever you've been playing!

    I guess I'll start... I've been *trying* to play Rogue Legacy, even though it runs
    v e r y
    v e r y
    s l o w l y
    on my low-end computer. But it is somewhat playable! It does help that it goes so slowly, so that it's easier to dodge stuff!

    I've also been playing Dropsy; it's interesting because it relies entirely on graphics and uses no text. It's a very charming adventure game, though there's so much to everything that I wonder if I'll be able to know where to be! Maybe later I'll get access to a quick travel feature or something.

  2. Modernwarguy111

    Modernwarguy111 Next Generation

    I've been playing around with Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3. I've played NV many times but I found a neat mod that allows you to play them together. It's quite fun, so I thought I'd try it out. I've also been playing a lot of Europa Universalis 4, It's a 4x grand strategy game where you play as any country and change history. Also c_t_f would you recommend rogue legacy, I got it awhile ago on sale, but never got to playing it.
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  3. c_t_f

    c_t_f Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    I've never heard of that mod before, it sounds like a lot of fun! I have both Fallout 3 and NV, but haven't gotten around to playing them. What's the name of the mod that puts them together?

    I'm terrible at strategy games, and I've never heard of that one. I'll take your word though!

    I do! Even though it goes really s l o w for me as I said, while I was playing it I had a great time. I know that "Metroidvania" gets tossed around a lot but Rogue Legacy fits it very well.

    Currently I've been playing lots of Team Fortress 2 and Doom (as per usual) as well as Redneck Rampage. I think that I'll try and finish Night in the Woods sometime soon; I started it some time ago and never got around to beating it, though I did like what I played!

  4. c_t_f

    c_t_f Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    (Apologies for the double-post!)

    I've been playing lots and lots of Quake lately. There's a lot of great demos and machinimas to watch with it that I've gotten a good kick out of. Quake Done Quickest and Blahbalicious are a couple of my favorites.
    Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten around to finishing Redneck Rampage or Night in the Woods (mostly due to laziness [​IMG] ).

    Hopefully everyone is having a merry Christmahanukwanzaakah, and a happy new year!

  5. Nate

    Nate Administrator Staff Member

    Besides some Dota 2 and EVE once in a blue moon...I aint been playing much....Although one newest game I have super been into is We Happy Few. I am super into that game but havent played it very much.
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  6. RecklessCM

    RecklessCM 8-bit Member

    Ive been taking part in alot of Rainbow 6, Overwatch and H1Z1 which is practically PUBG. Cant say i still play much on the old PC besides H1
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