Well... Im back.... again... hi

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kenneth_the_lll, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. kenneth_the_lll

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    Well, im back again after like vanishing for like.. a year? i cant remember for sure, in all honesty i forgot about GCW for awhile because it just sort of, died after the site change and i had alot of stuff starting to happen so yeah, IRL sucks ass. im honestly not sure if anyone remembers me if anyone does that would be a nice surprise, anyway back to introducing myself.. again. Hi, im kenneth_the_ll otherwise known as, fuck like im going to be able to remember how many fucking usernames ive used on steam, my current one would be 'Sauron Gorthaur' but yeah, im a general troll/idiot that tries (and fails sometimes) to lighten the mood all the time, if y'all want to know what i like it be, games, warhammer 40k, minecraft, transformers, overlord (underrated masterpiece), star wars, homeworld, to many games and stuff to list, and i ran out of stuff to say so... hi. im back, nice to see you all again.
  2. c_t_f

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    Welcome back again, Kenneth! Long time no see! :)

  3. casey1173

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    Welcome back! It has been a while indeed. I hope you enjoy your stay here!!
  4. Silverdust1

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    Welcome back.

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