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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Link, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Link

    Link Administrator Staff Member

    So it pretty much goes without saying that this is a big change from the old GCW. Take some time and check out all the new features that the board now offers (there's far too many to list!) In addition to the new site we are also offering TF2 and Killing Floor dedicated servers which you can read about in the category "GCW Gaming". The two Minecraft servers will be reset in the near future to go along with our "new GCW" theme. This is still technically a work in progress so expect changes to take place in the near future, and as always, if you notice a problem with the site or servers or just have a question about how something works on the new site, please post about it in the "Suggestions & Questions" section. Be sure to stick around because this summer we plan to have a number of contests and giveaways so stay tuned for all that!

    So who's on staff?
    As of right now it's just p4malara and myself on site staff. We'll slowly add on more staff in the coming days.

    Don't worry! While you can no longer post on the site you may always view it at classic.gamechatworld.com We will never forget where we came from and unless some massive unforeseen accident happens, this archive will always be in place.

    We would like to thank you all for sticking with GCW for the past 2+ years! We would be nowhere without dedicated users friends like yourselves. We hope you will all enjoy your time at the new GCW! :D
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  2. friedonionjuice

    friedonionjuice 8-bit Member

    um i might have missed it somewhere but the only consern I have is post counts being reset. so things like region still go for those where on the old one past 25 posts? or re we all reset?
  3. casey1173

    casey1173 Minecraft Staff Staff Member

  4. mrgamer_11

    mrgamer_11 Veteran Member

    Whoa okay this is different XD
  5. EasyBake

    EasyBake Next Generation

    Do we have any details on the server reset, or is that tba?
  6. Link

    Link Administrator Staff Member

    Baring some freak event it should be ready to go by tomorrow night
  7. EasyBake

    EasyBake Next Generation

    sounds great! been waiting for a reset for some time now, actually.
  8. Blame

    Blame Next Generation

    *sings* A WHOLE NEW WORLD!
  9. Syreious

    Syreious 8-bit Member

    We all gotta start all over XD
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  10. Nate

    Nate Administrator Staff Member

    Haha fuck yeah. Welcome to the future of GCW.
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  11. CreeperSniperBob

    CreeperSniperBob Next Generation

    You want all those posts you had back everyone? You're gonna have to post for ten thousand years >:) TEN THOUSAND YEEEEEEARS CAN GIVE YOU SUCH A CRICK IN THE NECK! Hmmm.... that might not be a bad signature actually.
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  12. casey1173

    casey1173 Minecraft Staff Staff Member

  13. c_t_f

    c_t_f Minecraft Staff Staff Member


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  14. Bubbad02

    Bubbad02 Initiate

    Just joined the new server today awesome!
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  15. Link

    Link Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for joining us Bubba :D Nice to see a new face around here
  16. Niick.

    Niick. 8-bit Member

    Fuck yeah this is awesome! Good job Link and anyone else who worked on this you guys did a great job :D Ive been gone from GCW for a it but I'm back no wand hopefully for good XD I bet you guys didnt even notice me gone ;)

    This is the first thing that came into mind when I saw the new layout if teh website... image.jpg
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  17. casey1173

    casey1173 Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    Of course we noticed you gone XD And yes, isn't the new site so nice?
  18. Niick.

    Niick. 8-bit Member

    I thought you guys would of organised a party because of my disappearance ;) I know right its awesome! I love the ability that you can like peoples post and say wether they are friendly or it contains good information :D
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  19. casey1173

    casey1173 Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    Everything is an upgrade. I think everyone should give a big thank-you to Link! He did a lot for this!
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  20. friedonionjuice

    friedonionjuice 8-bit Member

    I did think this aswell but i think we all just need to FIRMLY GRASP IT!!!! [​IMG]
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