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    Bronies are men who watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    "What's so bad about that?", You may ask.
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was a TV show targeted toward girls with the ages of 8 and above.
    Yet men who are much older just LOVE My Little Pony, and they're not afraid to hide it.
    For Example, there are many Brony Conventions hosted yearly around the world, all to show how much they love the show. Bronycon in Baltimore, Maryland and Galacon in Berlin, Germany are some conventions that are hosted. Some Bronies create Fan Fictions, Fan Animations, and more all inspired by the show.
    I'm going to be honest, I am a Brony. I love the Brony fandom and all of its work.
    And I'm proud to say that I'm a Brony.

    Here's a short music video (Featuring some voice Actors from the show) that explains more about bronies:

    What do you think about Bronies?
    Do you think it's weird that guys love My Little Pony, a TV show for little girls? Do you think it's embarrassing?
    Or do you think that it's better to show their support rather than hide in the shadows?
    Post your opinions below!
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    Well in all honesty I don't understand the appeal.. Like why My Little Pony of all things.. There are plenty of kid shows out there that are all about sparkles and friendship etc. So.. While I don't really get it, I also don't really get why some people get so bent out of shape over it, and are like "oh god I hate bronies!" So .. I just choose to not give a shit. People like what they like, and who cares :P
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    This has got to be like the seventh thread I've seen like this
    Depends on which ones you're talking about. I think the sane ones are fine, and there are some who are NOT just like pretty much any fandom out there.
    Yes and yes. But I believe you're wording it wrong. MLP:FIM wasn't made as a dumb show to entertain little girls for five seconds so that they want their parents to buy them toys; it was (and still is) made to entertain pretty much anyone who watches it, while still making little girls want to buy their toys. And occasionally grown men, too.

    So in the case of MLP:FIM... No it's not weird for guys like it, but yes it's embarrassing. More on the latter here.
    Like in this thread?

    I think that DB1000 is trying to convert us...

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    *clicks the thread* eyyyyyy *leaves the thread*

    (I swear were not a cult)
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    You all probably thought I was going to say something mean here. No, I'm just going to sit this one out (sorry for the necro)
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