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    Armed rangers guard last northern white rhino male.


    What has the human race come to? We're slowly killing off species down to pure greed and religion beliefs - Pathetic and distasteful.

    It's unbelievably stupid and pathetic that you could still believe that a certain part of an animals body could be cure for a certain illness even when proved wrong.
    But with that being said, I guess we can't force our beliefs or facts down their throats when they have been brought up in a specific culture with their beliefs.


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    So I want to start out with saying that it really sucks that, as a human race, we are causing the next mass extinction.

    However, I think you're looking at this from a very different perspective and not considering the full picture.
    For example, in Kenya, I doubt that the majority of people are hunting these rhinos for "medicinal purposes", "greed", or "religious beliefs."
    First off, I'd try and avoid labeling--even accidentally, because I know you don't mean it--a group of people as "stupid" and "pathetic", especially when you have had the luck to never live a day in their shoes (as far as I know). If they did believe that it served medicinal purposes even after a bunch of Americans/Europeans told them it didn't, I wouldn't blame them. The African people have a history of being lied to and taken advantage of, even by their own governments to this very day. Why would you trust a country that lied to you before? How do you know what to believe?

    Anyways, like I said, I doubt it has anything to do with alleged medicinal purposes anyways. The article you linked states that rhino horns are worth the hefty amount of "$30,000 per pound."
    The Kenyan people are extremely poor--45% of the population is at or below the poverty line. Beyond that, Kenya has gone under a crippling food crisis recently, leaving even more people hungry. If there was an animal that could bring your starving family more food than you could ever before, wouldn't you do the same?
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