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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by xLon3_Wolfx, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. xLon3_Wolfx

    xLon3_Wolfx 8-bit Member

    I think the server should add a new rank for regular players because currently the only way to upgrade to a higher rank is through donations (Vip + and etc.) or through staff which not everyone can get. The [Trusted] rank well help build a sense of whose been on at least this amount and does exactly what the rank says, it tells who's trusted. However, the rank [Trusted] should be given personally by staff members. Also I think the rank [Trusted] should be given a few commands. Idk which but if the rank [Trusted] is added then I think [Trusted] members should be able to have 2 homes (and maybe /tpa cough cough). Welp that is all I gotta say, hopefully this is approved. :)
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  2. Link

    Link Administrator Staff Member

    Great suggestion! We're actually in the process of restructuring our whole ranking system which will allow people to obtain other ranks without donating. This is a fairly long process though and will take some time.
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  3. EasyBake

    EasyBake Next Generation

    I love everything about that (except the tpa part) :)
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  4. xLon3_Wolfx

    xLon3_Wolfx 8-bit Member

    I think tpa should be added because it is very useful. Though it does get rid of the whole vanilla feel but right now we use some stuff that goes against vanilla like factions,warps, and region so i think adding tpa would be nice. Maybe we should start a vote to see who wants /tpa allowed?
  5. Link

    Link Administrator Staff Member

    Already started one yesterday

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