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Discussion in 'Show & Tell' started by Zreen, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Zreen

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    If you're comfortable uploading a picture of yourself as a kid, go ahead and do so here.
    It's for the purposes of looking back on your life and seeing how far you've come (that is unless it's only been a couple years since you were a kid), your hopes and dreams back then and how much were realized, how much are still able to be realized, and how much were just unattainable fantasies.

    This is me in late 2002, 3rd grade, at this time it's also my profile picture on September 2, 2014.
    Qibr9yQ cropped.jpg

    A couple of hopes and dreams from back then have been realized (having girlfriends/boyfriends, finishing the entire Tomb Raider series without a strategy guide, etc.), some have yet to be realized but still possible to achieve (becoming a published composer and writer, possibly raising a family whether or not I get a wife or a husband in the future), and some have just utterly fallen short of impossible (turning into a spirit of energy and traveling the stars and witnessing all of time and space at once is apparently beyond human capability :P)
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    Found a pic of me when I graduated kindergarten
  3. c_t_f

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    Well, if I ever was a kid I'd probably look something like this.

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