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Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by p4malara, May 21, 2014.

  1. Silverdust1

    Silverdust1 Next Generation

    Hey man, welcome back. I believe that we are using the 1.8 version but we currently need a spawn and stuff to make it better til bukket is done
  2. Whoa_Its_Hannah

    Whoa_Its_Hannah Dungeon Master Staff Member

    Ermagerd welcome back!! :D hope to see you around the server :)
  3. Syreious

    Syreious 8-bit Member

    Welcome back, Robokiwi. :3
  4. Link

    Link Administrator Staff Member

    I wish someone would have mentioned to me in a PM that the server has been down for like 2 days XD
  5. Whoa_Its_Hannah

    Whoa_Its_Hannah Dungeon Master Staff Member

    LOL. That's .... Awkward XD
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  6. Syreious

    Syreious 8-bit Member

    And now all the new players aren't going to know what the hell happened unless told... LOLOLOLOL
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  7. Modernwarguy111

    Modernwarguy111 Next Generation

    It was down? Dang... The more you know XD
  8. sparrkiwi

    sparrkiwi Initiate

    hey.. i wanna know does anyone else use the map???
  9. sparrkiwi

    sparrkiwi Initiate

    so r we still using the same server????????????
  10. Whoa_Its_Hannah

    Whoa_Its_Hannah Dungeon Master Staff Member

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  11. c_t_f

    c_t_f Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    Is the server going to be updating to v1.10?
    Also, I just recently re-installed Minecraft and the first thing I did was try and connect to the server (of course). Is it just me or is it down?

  12. Nate

    Nate Administrator Staff Member

    Little Update!!! Its down permanently until further notice. Just lost interest and wasn't in Link's Plan anymore.
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  13. papa-bear

    papa-bear 8-bit Member

    Noooooo, it can't be so :c
  14. RecklessCM

    RecklessCM 8-bit Member

    Man this is quite sad. I understand its not links plan and i understand its just thinking the whole logging in like every other day and being greeted by all of our minecraft friends deal is done. I guess one door closes and another one opens i guess.
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  15. c_t_f

    c_t_f Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    That really is too bad, there were many good times had on the server.
    But if that's what the bossman wants, I can deal with that. Besides, the server was just a subset of the forum, which is thankfully still around!

  16. gamingcreep3r

    gamingcreep3r 8-bit Member

    Damn, I was hoping to finally get back on once I have time. I'm going to miss being able to just chat and unwind once I get home. I guess I'll stick to csgo lol. Loved this community, such a shame to see the server end like this.
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  17. Dragonbrether100

    Dragonbrether100 Next Generation

    Dang, I've made plenty fond memories on this server. It was one of the ones that I really stuck too and spent my time on. Good thing we still have the site though. Have and will always love this great community <3
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  18. boba1

    boba1 Initiate

    Kinda upset to see this, used to play on this server all the time. just went back to playing minecraft because a friend brought it up to me. this was my first place I went to check for a server. Used to play on Deviss95, started back in seed 2 or 3 and sad to see its gone. still see a lot of the old people still active in the forums. Fort Bagel stands forever in seed 3. RIP Officer Bagel
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  19. Mad_Cry

    Mad_Cry 8-bit Member

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  20. AviatorNate

    AviatorNate Initiate

    It was my first MC server I've ever played on. Sad to see it gone.

    My username: AviatorNate

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