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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Link, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Link

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    So just a couple days ago Intel released their latest processors in the Core family. The two big ones are the i7 5930K which is a 6 core / 12 thread processor and the i7 5960X which is an 8 core / 16 thread processor. Looks like because of the extra cores (more specifically because of the heat they give off even with the use of third party consumer level liquid cooling) they are clocked at a lower frequency than the "old" i7 47** models, so you won't notice any performance increase at everyday tasks, but if you're like, y'know, trying to program the rocket that will send man to Mars and need that extra power then this is the processor for you! With a price tag of $999 for the 5960X you'll practically need government funding to afford a full rig that would be worthy of such a processor.

    I know many of you probably won't know or care about what I just said, but this kind of stuff excites me XD
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  2. c_t_f

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    I only partially understood what you just said but I want one.
    (It'd be a one in a million chance that it'd actually work-- let alone FIT-- in my computer though. I'd be better off duct taping it to the side of my case. X-D)

  3. Link

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    Well you'll certainly need a new motherboard for the LGA 2011 socket type that this uses XD
  4. Gorep1xel

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    I can only dream of such processing power, at least I have a decent laptop that doesn't overheat in Minecraft. But in reality the max I can put on my laptop is an i5 480M because of the TDP

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