New 3DS(i)?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Gorep1xel, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. Gorep1xel

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    Yesterday there was an announcement about an upgraded 3DS, it will include:
    1. A C-Pad and ZR and ZL buttons
    2. Micro-SD slot
    3. Faster CPU and more RAM
    4. Bigger screens and better 3D
    5. And the capacity to change covers

    What do you guys think? Is it another upgrade like the DSi, or is it an improved version of the 3DS you would pay for? Release is planned for October in Japan and in 2015 for North America.
  2. c_t_f

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    I honestly WOULD get it if I didn't already invest in a 3DSXL. Besides, I don't expect that many games to be released for it, since it's only a slight upgrade for a system that's already been out for a couple of years now.
    The ZR and ZL shoulder buttons look uncomfortable to get at, and I don't like how Nintendo thought it was a good idea to put the card slot at the bottom and to switch from SD to Micro-SD.
    Better RAM and CPU would be very nice, and could even benefit some current games (Pokemon Y's framerate dips a bit when battling in 3D mode on my 3DSXL). Again though, I don't expect very many developers aiming to develop for this new system over the millions of slower 3DS's that have already been sold.

    So basically, the new stuff's nice-- but not enough to drop everything, sell my "old" 3DS, and use the money to buy a slightly different one just to play three exclusive games. I might consider it in a year or so if more games for it, but otherwise I'll be fine with what I've got.


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