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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Silverdust1, May 8, 2015.

  1. Silverdust1

    Silverdust1 Next Generation

    Basically...My computer has been and is continuing to be a right little diva at the moment..Personally I think it's the graphics card, but what do I know? Here are the problems I'm having.

    - I'm unable to play under DirectX or OpenGL on another game. I've reinstalled the game, etc - The problem is still occurring.
    - Computer shuts down completely after a period of time after awakening from sleep mode. (Never happens otherwise).
    - Had a blue-screen crash when connecting a USB port to my computer.
    - Steam randomly uninstalled itself. I had to reinstall on Thursday.
    - My beloved facebook games were failing to load.
    - YouTube video quality looks a bit off. Here's an example. (Notice how it's not smooth (this is 720p))

  2. c_t_f

    c_t_f Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    I'm not an expert with computers (that role would belong to Link), but I do know an okay amount about them. Judging from what you listed, it may indeed be your graphics card acting up.
    Have you tried removing your graphics card and using your mobo's integrated graphics for a while? If that works, then your graphics card is probably the source of your issues.

  3. Jonathan Jones

    Jonathan Jones 8-bit Member

    hmmm... do you have security on it what operating system are you running is it 64Bits
    And do you have any error codes when your games fail... is your directx latest...
    try cleaning it up a little see if there is any dust in it... blow all your ports out ... run disk cleanup then disk defragmenter, after that download and install AVG Free 2015 if you have ads i can fix that too i will give links... anyway unistall any shit you dont need from your computer via Start>Control Panel>uninstall a program <Anti-Virus <DirectX <Adware Cleaner

    Hope your computer works again
    If you need more help skype me at> L3G1TN00BZ
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  4. Silverdust1

    Silverdust1 Next Generation

    Alrighty, I've taken out both of the graphics card but I couldn't get nothing to display on my computer at all. I didn't even receive the famous three beeps. I've used one graphics card instead, but I'm still getting the same response as using the two. I've also changed them over, different slots too, same response.

    Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 Bit.
    There are no error codes.
    My computer is really clean, there's no more dust ;).
    I have the latest anti-virus (Even ran a scan, no viruses).
    I also have the latest DirectX.
  5. Jonathan Jones

    Jonathan Jones 8-bit Member

    what kind of video card do u got oh and as for your screen not even showing up when taking the cards out find what your chip is Intel, AMD, Ect. find the drivers for your onboard chip make sure it is 64 bit does it blue screen every time you plug in the usb. try unistalling OpenGL and use DirectX if not do it the other way uninstall DirectX and use OpenGL. for error codes look in event viewer. and what model is your computer if it is a custom made computer what model is your mother board
  6. Silverdust1

    Silverdust1 Next Generation

    So far the crash has only happened once. I haven't tried to recreate the crash or had the need to add/remove USB ports.
    How do I find out about the chip? :P I know that I have an AMD Motherboard though.
  7. Jonathan Jones

    Jonathan Jones 8-bit Member

    look on your mot... wait mo dont do that lol use dxdiag and look in display, then look in device manager look for anything missing drivers and download and install them. if dxdiag shows your video card and not the chip in your computer get a pic of your motherboard or tell me your model of ypur motherboard and i can tell you the drivers you need. oh you must have an AMD chip but an Asus motherboard i have an intel chip with an asus motherboard here is a link to their drivers but i still need the model number of the motherboard <AMD drivers

    use the link and use the auto detect
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  8. Silverdust1

    Silverdust1 Next Generation

    How tf do I enter my Bios settings? (W7) -- My computer is literally booting up too quickly, my keyboard in a pain in the ass and isn't even 'working' when the "Press X button for bios" :mad:
  9. Silverdust1

    Silverdust1 Next Generation

    You sir, are awesome! I just installed some new AMD Drivers thanks to the link you provided me with. So far it appears to be working :) Fixed the DirectX and OpenGL problem with my other game.
    Much thanks good sir.
  10. Jonathan Jones

    Jonathan Jones 8-bit Member

    Cool! No problem Your welcome for the help

    If you have anymore problem just tell me and i can help
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  11. squishygamer

    squishygamer Initiate

    If it acts up again follow my 3 easy steps:

    Squishy's 3 Easy Steps!

    Step 1:
    Pick up computer

    Step 2: Throw it in the trash can

    Step 3:
    Go buy a new one

    It works every time!!!!!

    I hope I helped!
  12. c_t_f

    c_t_f Minecraft Staff Staff Member

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