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  1. friedonionjuice

    friedonionjuice 8-bit Member

    Thats right ladies and gentlemen the time has arrived. THE FIRST GAME CHAT WORLD HUNGER GAMES IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This event will take place this monday at 2pm pst. You will have to go in with nothing in your inventory which will be checked by our admins so eat up before you enter the arena. the warp to the arena will be posted in the spawn warp room and is open to the public for pvp although chests will only be unlocked for events. The rules to this game is simple, last man standing wins. When there is only one man left standing we will /kill them so all items that where accumulated will be de-spawned .

    FIRST PLACE: full diamond armor
    SECOND PLACE: 2 wolf eggs 2 diamond
    THIRD PLACE: a diamond hoe
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  2. gamingcreep3r

    gamingcreep3r 8-bit Member

    I'm gonna win me a hoe
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  3. Zreen

    Zreen 8-bit Member

    Since the warp will be open to the public, does that mean we can explore the arena before the event?
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  4. casey1173

    casey1173 Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    I'd just like to mention this is not the first GCW hunger games. Very cool, nonetheless!
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  5. gamingcreep3r

    gamingcreep3r 8-bit Member

    Would that be considered cheating? or no
  6. friedonionjuice

    friedonionjuice 8-bit Member

    no since i will close the door to spawn before the event. but feel free to explore prior
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  7. GravY

    GravY Initiate

    Too bad I missed this because I was inactive. Another time maybe! DX
  8. casey1173

    casey1173 Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    From what I've seen, there are plenty opportunities to join in on community activities. Try next time!

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