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    (Revised from this post on the classic forums)

    Alright people so it seems like I need to throw down some basics on how to properly communicate with other humans, besides Link, when an issues arises.

    Do NOT contact Link until you have done ALL of the following:
    • Contacted the offender in question and tried to work things out civilly
    • Contacted an admin on either the site or server (depending on where the problem occurred)
    • Thought "Is this issue really that big of a deal?" If you can't definitively answer "yes" then do not contact Link.

    When is it OK to contact Link?
    • After everything in the first list has failed
    • When you feel physically/digitally (hacks, DDoS, various cyber terrorism) threatened (contacting police would be a better response)
    • When you feel that a staff member did not adequately solve your problem
    • There is an issue with a function of the server or site

    What are the DOs and DON'Ts when Link contact you?
    • DO present your argument in a calm and composed manor
    • DO present proof in the form of screenshots (or have the backing of a number of credible witnesses)
    • DO NOT whine
    • DO NOT make demands
    • DO NOT contact without proof

    While Link does enjoy hearing from his users, he does not wish to be bogged down by trivial matters. By following these guidelines you will ensure that Link will be able to help with the serious problems. Remember this does not apply to everyday conversation! Please fell free to strike up a conversation with Link at any time. Link truly does enjoy hearing from all of you here on GCW in terms of normal conversation [​IMG] Thank you for your cooperation.
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