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  1. evtrainer1

    evtrainer1 Initiate

    I'm evtrainer1. I enjoy MC and other games i suppose. I've been playing on this specific server for a few weeks, and I felt that warps would be very helpful, so I'm making this post. Have a good day!
  2. Link

    Link Administrator Staff Member

    Hmm I'm not too thrilled that you're only posting to get access to warps, but hopefully you'll enjoy our community and want to post some more (just for fun of course :P )
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  3. Whoa_Its_Hannah

    Whoa_Its_Hannah Dungeon Master Staff Member

    Welcome! As Link said, I hope to see you around here more :) Glad you have enjoyed the server though. I hope you enjoy it here too :) Welcomeeeeeee
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  4. c_t_f

    c_t_f Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    QUICK! Someone chain him to the floor before he books it!...
    ...So you said you like to play "MC and other games i suppose"? Well here at Game Chat World we love talking about Minecraft! And other games, I suppose! Stick around for a while, we'd love to have you! :D

    Oh and by the way, hello and welcome to the forums! There's cake in the parlor, beware the triple baka! :)

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  5. Modernwarguy111

    Modernwarguy111 Next Generation

    Hey evtrainer1 welcome to GCW *sorry i'm late to the party XD* But welcome! and have a good ol time on the server :3
  6. squishygamer

    squishygamer Initiate

    Welcome enjoy your stay here and blah blah blah.... :P

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