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    Hello everyone. Many good things come in the magic number of 3. A trilogy. As you all know there are many amazing movie trilogies out there such as Lord of the Rings but there's also some... Not so great trilogies (Star Wars prequels except for episode 3 which was good). But what trilogies are the best of the best? Personally I think these are the top 3 movie trilogies out there.

    3. Toy Story
    The Toy Story movies are practically flawless. Adults and teens can enjoy them as much as kids. You're never too old for them. Each of the three tell a nice, yet different story each film. Even after almost 29 years the first film is still very enjoyable and let's not forget that extremely sad ending to Toy Story 3.

    2. The Lord of the Rings
    This trilogy only JUST fell short of being the greatest trilogy of all time. It has perfect casting, groundbreaking special effects, and a complex, compelling story. Let's not all forget Gollum who felt so real. As if he was actually there. Also, Gandalf. One of the greatest performances in film.

    1. The Original Star Wars Trilogy
    Ah, Star Wars. My childhood. This trilogy is a classic, about a boy who trains in the ways of the Force to become a Jedi. We all remember when Luke blew up the Death Star, or when Han was frozen in carbonite, and of course the big reveal of Luke coming from Darth Vader's balls. Even if many hardcore Star Wars fanboys want George Lucas to repeatedly stabbed with a Lightsaber, it's safe to say this trilogy will forever be remembered as three of the greatest movies of all time.

    Now what are some of your favorite film trilogies? I would certainly like to hear from you!
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    I don't know many trilogies besides the ones that you stated, but I'm gonna go with Spiderman (original) and X-Men (old)
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    Some trilogies I would like to add would be The Dark Knight trilogy and the original Spider-Man trilogy (Come on Spider-Man 3 isn't even bad! D: )oh ya and Back to the future trilogy.
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    Dude we watched the second back to the future and it kinda sucked. I haven't seen the third... But the Second kinda sucked imo XD the first though.. Freaking awesome obviously
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