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    Hi everyone. Its been awhile. I came here to talk about something, i think, we have all been wondering about. We all seem to be waiting for a revival of this site, although... now I no longer suspect its coming. I do think that some of us, despite what has happened, have tried our best to make things work again. But really we all know that we are just trying to respark the fire in the hope of it coming back and it keeps looking bleaker and bleaker. I ask myself often, What happened to the old gcw? I propose that we dio something. Anything. I even care, so long as something happens. maybe a status update from link on when the site will "back on track again" cause i thought that by now, things would be rolling again... and they arnt. Even the minecraft server is suffering. we have no frequent users anymore. and the staff is all but nonexistant. we keep saying, "oh we are looking for it to be fixed in the future" but are we really gcw? i dont even see any of the old users anymore... ever... dont even know what happened to them, like poof. gone... never heard of them again. I dont know exactly what we need to do. but we need to do something gcw,
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    Unfortunately my life has become extremely busy recently. I have little free time during the day and I tend to use that time to do homework and spending time with friends. As much as I hate to say it, reviving this site is not a task I can take care of alone and seeing the community fall apart like it did has drained much of my drive to make this place better. I've lost many people here that I considered to be good friends during the past few months and as you can imagine that was pretty upsetting. I am willing to put in the effort it takes to get this place running so long as I see results. The new iteration of the site was supposed to be part of a major revival plan, but instead certain events caused us to lose a large number of our core users. I will make preparations for a community TF2 Scream Fortress event in the near future and after that we'll see how the future looks. For those few who have been around long enough to remember, GCW has been down this road before. Months and months of just 2 people keeping the site alive. We came back from that and saw member counts rise 100 fold, and I think we may be able to come back from this. I just need some help is all.
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    Im in. Ill try to help somehow
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    Any help is appreciated. I mean, even just having people who regularly post and get people talking would be a major boost
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