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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blame, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Blame

    Blame Next Generation

    post pictures of yourself
    DSC_3208 (425x640).jpg
    Did I selfie right?(I dont smile lol)
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  2. Whoa_Its_Hannah

    Whoa_Its_Hannah Dungeon Master Staff Member

    Holy shyyyyyt. Never expected to know what you look like XD the mystery is resolved! My whole world is clear
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  3. Blame

    Blame Next Generation

    Now everyone can die now knowing what I look like
  4. Nate

    Nate Administrator Staff Member


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  5. gamingcreep3r

    gamingcreep3r 8-bit Member

    Now I know if it's you or not if I run into you on the streets :P
  6. mrgamer_11

    mrgamer_11 Veteran Member

    Hey, remember me?
  7. Nate

    Nate Administrator Staff Member

    Mr Gamer I am totally digging the cannibal corpse beanie.
  8. mrgamer_11

    mrgamer_11 Veteran Member

    The only beanie I own, therefore the only hat I ever wear
  9. Mad_Cry

    Mad_Cry 8-bit Member

    Did I selfie right XD
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  10. papa-bear

    papa-bear 8-bit Member

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