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    OK so here are the basic rules. Pretty much if you use common sense you'll be alright, but just to be sure I'll list some rules here.

    The rules include, but are not limited to:

    1. No pornography
    2. No flooding
    3. No spamming
    4. No exploitation of bugs
    5. No linking to pirated or other illegal content
    6. No swearing in post title
    7. No excessive cursing
    8. No impersonating another person. If you lie about who you are you will be banned
    9. All large images must be surrounded by spoiler tags to cut down on load times
    10. No excessive double posting. (Every once and a while is no problem, but do not make a habit of it)
    11. If placing a large picture or YouTube video in your signature, it must be placed in a spoiler tag.
    12. No excessive trolling
    13. Only one account per person
    14. No plagiarizing another persons work (Taking another persons work and claiming it as your own)
    15. Do not bump your own topic. Bumps are allowed after 2 weeks
    16. No flaming or attacking another member in the public forums
    17. No outright advertising. If you must represent your forum you may do so in your signature
    18. No reviving dead threads
    19. All images must be of a reasonable size. Please edit down your extra large images.
    20. No backseat moderating. You may point out the rules to rule-breakers, but let the moderators and admins do their jobs.
    21. No posting just for benefits on the server.

    If you have been banned or got in any other sort of trouble and you don't think you deserved it you may file a complaint at:
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