Clarifying Rule 2 No Greifing of any kind

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Modernwarguy111, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Modernwarguy111

    Modernwarguy111 Next Generation

    So with the recent banning of fancyfacehat and then unbanning I feel that rule 2 should be a bit more clariified
    I think rule 2
    should encompass
    to easily clarify it for any mistakes that could be made to patch a few gray areas and make them clearer to both the player and staff because regions are fiddly and theres nothing saying you cant build right outside of someones region or spawn in general. Maybe an extension would help. Thanks for listening to my opinion and taking the time out of your day to see this.
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  2. papa-bear

    papa-bear 8-bit Member

    That works very well in my opinion and that reminds me, could you expand the region to my house please?
  3. casey1173

    casey1173 Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    I don't think complicating the rules as such is necessary. We've never really had this problem before.
    Grief is, very simply, altering other player's property without their permission. With this definition, building pillars around/onto the prison is grief.
    It is a fairly simple rule, and to avoid breaking it, all you have to do is be sure that you leave other players' builds alone and use your head.
    Common sense would say not to build "too close to other people's property". If that fails, we have regions, and in my opinion they work extremely well and are not very "fiddly". Get the posts for it and an admin can easily lay one out for you.

    If anyone has an issue that they aren't sure about, contact a staff member (send one of us a message) and we'll take a look at it.
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  4. Modernwarguy111

    Modernwarguy111 Next Generation

    Where is "to close"? 5 blocks? 20? same with regions if you lay one down and someone literally builds or destroys something 10 blocks away is that considered greifing? How close is
    "to close" that's pretty much what i'm asking so people know and not be instantly banned for building a building to close to a region 10 blocks away that they accidentally skipped by and didn't notice or destroying a desert nearby for sand. I'm not asking for a giant rule book but just a simple guideline that everyone can know and have the best experience they can have. It doesn't have to be in the rules directly just a guideline that people can judge off of. Yes i get what your saying it's common sense to not build right on top of a tower i'm just asking how far can you be?
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  5. Whoa_Its_Hannah

    Whoa_Its_Hannah Dungeon Master Staff Member

    Akira told me when I first came to gcw that as long as other people's property was well out of sight, you could build there. Just use your best judgement. Don't build next door, and don't build just barely over a tiny hill. Give the person more than enough room to expand their property without running into you, or coming into sight of you. Or even better, ask the player if it is okay to build right where you are if You think it may be too close. If worse came to worse and the player was upset by your location, that bridge can be crossed when you come to it, and it wouldn't be that big of a deal to remove your stuff and build elsewhere. Let's not overthink this and overanalyze this. Just use some common sense and be considerate of other people's stuff.
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  6. squishygamer

    squishygamer Initiate

    Well said Hannah I guess this answers the question :P
  7. casey1173

    casey1173 Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    As a side note, I wouldn't worry about being banned instantly for a grief of this manner. The other situation was unique in that it was directly beside (like 2 blocks) and also on the prison, and it was a fairly large amount of blocks, so it was easily bannable. If it's a case where someone feels that their area has been intruded on, we pretty much never ban for that; instead, I believe the general protocol is to just ask the person to move it if they are available, and if they are not available, it gets removed after a reasonable amount of time.

    Personally speaking, staffing the server becomes sort of an automatic response after a while, but this whole thing has refreshed the idea of banning to me. The goal of staff should be to rehabilitate people who break the rules. Jailing and muting helps teach people (don't spam, don't grief, etc.) but a ban just removes them, so it should be reserved for when a person seems to have no chance of learning.
    So, perhaps we should update the consequences of rule breaking and save banning for multiple time offenders to give people a chance (for example, instead of banning anyone who griefs 20+ blocks, we jail them even though it's a fairly major crime, then ban them the second time). Not a super major change, but it'd probably really knock down the number of bans.
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  8. c_t_f

    c_t_f Minecraft Staff Staff Member

    Well put Casey. That sounds great!

    (Rest assured though, if it's griefing at apocalyptic magnitudes (100+ blocks), those responsible will be instabanned.)

  9. friedonionjuice

    friedonionjuice 8-bit Member

    I feel like those who's intentions are clearly for destructive purposes , should be instantly banned when it's 20+ blocks for instance a house being removed or say chests being raided. But if it appears that they might have just been curious about a build or where just exploring or might have been passing by ect... They Should just simply be jailed for the appropriate amount of time as for the severity of their crime. Really it's a judgment call on the staff members part and not all judgments are 100% fair. I know I wrongly jailed a person once who then was banned but we tried fixing it as fast as possible since it was a misunderstanding, but these things do happen. But we are currently trying to rebuild the server atm so banning should try to be limited to only when nessissary, But I have always answered the question "where can I build" as "anywhere so long as it doesn't interfere with another persons build" so really I think it has been needed that we clarify this rule for awhile we just have been too lazy or didn't care enough to ask. Anywho there is my 2 cents.
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