Cards Against Humanity

Discussion in 'GCW Gaming' started by Zreen, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Zreen

    Zreen 8-bit Member is an online browser version of Cards Against Humanity, with many many custom card sets. What is Cards Against Humanity? It's essentially Apples to Apples for people with very dirty minds.

    I even created a custom gcw-memories card pack we could add to it, check it out here, instructions on how to use it will be up to the host of whoever begins a game.
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  2. Silverdust1

    Silverdust1 Next Generation

    I'm kind of offended that I'm not mentioned in any of the responses :'(
  3. Zreen

    Zreen 8-bit Member

    Hmm? I'm pretty sure you're in there. You're my teddy bear after all. :P
  4. Silverdust1

    Silverdust1 Next Generation

    Wow, either I missed that cause I'm severely dumb, or you just added it in :)

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