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    (Revised from this thread on the classic forums)

    Here are the basics of GCW contests. Any user may request any contest at any time by starting a thread. Contests will not be official unless they meet the minimum required entries, which is listed below. This number is based on the population of GCW and will change with time. Once a contest reaches enough supporters an admin will create an official thread. If the number of actual entries at the end of the contest is less then the minimum required number the contest will no longer be treated as official. Some contests, usually giveaways, will have a minimum GCW post requirement. Be sure to thoroughly read the contest thread.

    Minimum Required Entries: 10

    Here is some more information that applies to every official GCW contest:

    - Only an admin can make a contest official. If the thread was not made by an admin then it is not official.
    - All entries must be received by the posted date and time. No late entries will be accepted. All dates and times will be given in PST (-8 GMT).
    - Only one entry per user (unless specifically stated).
    - Plagiarism will result in a disqualification and a ban from GCW as it breaks rule 14.
    - Prizes may be substituted or canceled at any time.
    - Winners will receive GCW rank badges. This does not apply to giveaways (eg. Video game giveaways).
    - All entries should be PMed to Link who will then distribute them to the proper people for judging.
    - Only one official GCW contest will go on at a time.
    - All giveaway winners must claim their prize within 24 hours of winning, otherwise prize will go to the runner up.
    - GCW is not responsible for any delivery errors, whether it be digital or physical.

    By entering any GCW contest you are agreeing to follow all posted rules. If you have any questions please feel free to PM Link!

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