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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by RecklessCM, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. RecklessCM

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    Yo gcw. You may have formerly known me as Arrbro759. Yeah, that kid. I first off would like to take a moment to apolagize. As our more long term members may know i was also a longterm member of the site. During my time here i caused alot of trouble. I damaged people emotionally, sometimes physically (In minecraft that is). I was going through a pretty rough patch of my life and being very young with no other communication with people i took it out on this wonderful website, and the people who used it too. So now i would like to say I am truly and deeply sorry for the disruptions I caused. After i took a while to get myself back together, with being in a better living situation all together i think of myself as someone different. Someone better than who i was. Now i don't expect to be welcomed with open arms.. I would like to maybe through being involved with the community and being of any assistance i can show that i am way more stable and capable of being involved.
    Im RecklessCM! I am 15 (I apolagize if my bio says otherwise) soon to be 16. I enjoy gaming ofcourse (I am currently trying to get my old steam account back and would love to play with any of yall in the near future) My favirote games are Tf2, Garrysmod, Heroes and Generals, Hl2, KS:oops:, Red dead redemption... the list goes on. I also now enjoy mountain biking, airsoft, and just really being outside. I try to be better than i once thought of myself and sometimes that can be a weakness.

    If i am welcomed back into this community i would be overjoyed. I look foward to meeting you all again.
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  2. Nate

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    Welcome back bro. Its about time...haha. Your always welcomed here as long as you behave yourself mister. Hope you been well man and look forward to seeing you around the forums again.
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  3. c_t_f

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    Ah! Welcome back Arr- er, Reckless! It does seem that you have matured, and like Nate said, you're welcome as long as you're a good goober again. It looks like that's the case, so settle in!

    I'm sure there's still a leftover slice of cake for you on the parlor, and as always, beware the triple baka!

  4. Silverdust1

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    Welcome back, 'Arrbro' , if I may call you that :P

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